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Nelco BV is a flexible partner for the industry of industrial painting and powder coating. We accept powder coatings of different types and colors for re-use and recycling in new materials. Obsolete powders, corporate colors, overspray, cyclone fines or excess powder from the booth: we offer an environmental friendly, professional and legal solution to these products at minimum cost.


Nelco BV is registered under number 102430/1 at the Public Waste Office of Flanders (Ovam) and we are recognized for collecting waste paint powders (EURAL 08.02.01). With over 10 years of experience in the industry of powder coating recycling, we offer a long-term partnership with benefits for all parties, including the environment. We advise on the handling, packaging, logistics and transport of fine powders, as well as on legal matters and European environmental law.

Our services include the provision of flexible intermediate bulk containers (“bigbags”) and the proposal of an automatic system to collect powder in bigbags out of the cyclone or cartons. Nelco BV is a member of VOM (the Belgian association for surface finishing techniques), of ION (the Dutch association of surface treatment of materials) and supporting member of QIB (the quality association of industrial coating in Germany).

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We offer bigbags at competitive prices

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We offer a professional powder filling system


We are authorised to organise powder coating transports

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